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  • DigiTech RP100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Pre-Owned PSU

    • Introducing an affordable amp modeling/multi-effects processor with all the quality and integrity you’ve come to expect from a company like DigiTech. The new RP100 combines the versatility of a room full of vintage and modern Amp Models with full-featured, studio-quality effects.
  • Peavey Sanpera II Foot Controller Pre-Owned

    • This controller features dual, assignable expression pedals with tap switches, dedicated tap tempo and looper control, as well as footswitches for accessing presets, preamp “stompbox” effects, post-amp “rack” effects, delay and reverb. The Sanpera II is housed in roadworthy and rugged cast-metal casing and features high-quality metal switches.
    • Used condition
    • Vypyr 75 Combo also available
  • Peavey Vypyr 75 Modeling Combo 75 Watt 1×12 Amplifier Pre-Owned

    • The Peavey VYPYR Series dramatically redefines the power and scope of modern guitar amplification. VYPYR amplifiers are based on powerful 32-bit, floating-point SHARC processors that enable highly detailed, accurate modeling as well as vastly enhanced flexibility and features than ever before available in guitar amplification.
    • Used condition
    • Sanpera II floor controller also available
  • ZOOM Player Pro 4040 Looper Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Pre-Owned

    • ¬†This is ideal for use during a live performance. Integrated auto-chromatic guitar tuning function lets you quickly and precisely tune instruments on stage. Compression and distortion effects are generated using analog circuitry, to assure rich and natural-sounding sustain and distortion.
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